Foaling-season 2018 has now wrapped up at the ranch. This year I have seven beautiful & quality foals capable of pursuing dreams as cowhorse, reining, cutting or ranch-horse prospects, all sired by none other than Spooks Delta Dude. I've got a great group of top-quality foals again this year.  Once again we find more colts than fillies in the group with 4 fancy Bay Splash colts and one loud Tovero colt and 2 sweet fillies (one bay splash, one loud Tovero) Of course, as usual, regardless of the color, I believe the quality that is found in this year's foals will once again make any one proud to own a "Down The FENSKE" prospect !!

If you are interested in any of my foals (or older prospects) please let me know & arrangements can be made to stop in and see them,or I can give you additional information and photos.  For more information on my mares, each is also featured (including full pedigree) on “Mares” page. 

For day-to-day updates as the foals arrive, also check out Spook's facbook page at
as updates will be posted there more often throughout the summer as they grow.

Foals available from 2017 & earlier are now posted on the "SALE BARN" page

Spooks Delta Dude has been enrolled in both the Canadian Supreme & the Saskatchewan Reined Cow Horse Stallion Incentive programs - making his colts elgible for nomination and some extra payout in the future



2018 Foals
For Pedigree information on the mares please see the Mare page


aka “SISTER” 

2018 FILLY - SPOOKS DELTA DUDE X OMEGA KITTY (AQHA)  Born April 30, 2018   

Bay Splash (one blue eye) SPOOKS DELTA DUDE X OMEGA KITTY (x High Brow Cat)

This filly is nothing short of spectacular!!  The first filly from this cross after a long line of boys….I’ve decided that “Sister” will be a fitting name!!

Sired by accomplished Cow Horse, APHA Spooks Delta Dude and out of my daughter of High Brow Cat makes her a grand-daughter of both Spooks Gotta Gun AND High Brow Cat !! Can you say “COW HORSE”??  This has been a great cross in the past and I’m VERY excited to finally have a filly with this pedigree behind her!!

Sister is NOT FOR SALE!!                                                    (photo approx. 3 weeks of age)




aka "TOMMY" 


                                      X LUCKYDEE TEENA -- BORN MAY 9, 2018

The foals from this cross in past have been selling quickly and easily and I’m guessing this guy with his fancy package and big size will be no different!! Full siblings to this guy are in Sask, Alberta and Manitoba and are all doing great in their new homes.

Teena produces nice minded, easy to work with foals who are able to do a full days work and have fun in town too!! He’s big, he's friendly,

and he's fancy, and he will be offered for sale. 

Tommy has been sold and will be heading to Southern California this fall after weaning.


aka “SNIPER”   

2018 COLT – Bay Splash (two blue eyes) SPOOKS DELTA DUDE X SMART LIL KIT (Smart Beckett x Hesa Peptospoonful)

Born May 11, 2018

This young mare has proven once again to have been a SUPER addition to my broodmare band!! Her first foal in 2017 was nothing short of AWESOME and has landed himself in Pennsylvania, USA in a great SHOW-HOME, and this guy is just as good and definitely just as handsome!!   This is DEFINITELY a serious cow horse prospect right here !!

He’s definitely got the full “SPLASH” look that is so popular at the moment – right down to the full-white tail, long-tall-white stockings on all 4 and of course 2 blue eyes !! “Sniper” is definitely going to be one that needs to see the show pen in his future!! His ability and talent will certainly match his good looks for sure!!

His sire has proven himself in the show pen, and although unshown, his dam is super-athletic and definitely would have made a great cutting or cowhorse had circumstances been different for her former owner – and she’s definitely earned her place in my brood mare band if she can consistently produce babies like this guy!!.

Sniper has SOLD and is now living in Langley BC 


"HOWEE"  (reg pending) 

2018 COLT – Bay Splash (one blue eye) – born May 19, 2018

SPOOKS DELTA DUDE X PIPPI (Pepinics Master x Doc Olena)

“HOWEE” is a cute & uniquely marked cow horse prospect!! 

Sired by Spooks Delta Dude out of Pippi, this is a proven cross – full siblings are working as ranch horses, in training for cow horse & reining and the 2017 filly from this cross sold all the way to Nova Scotia !!


Howee will be registered with the Pinto Horse Assoc and will follow in his siblings path with tons of potential ahead of him doing anything that requires some COW-SENSE!!

Howee has been SOLD - he is also heading to Southern California after weaning this fall 







aka "EARL"

2018 COLT – Sorrel Tovero (two blue eyes) – born May 20,

SPOOKS DELTA DUDE X ELPHABELENA (Smart Aristocrat x Doc Olena)

“Earl” will definitely make a super cow horse or cutting prospect & will definitely get you noticed in the process!!

Sired by Spooks Delta Dude out of Elphabelena. The oldest foal from this cross has been started under saddle and is showing lots of promise and we’re excited to see where it takes her!

Ella’s foals have always had solid build, good size and lots of sensibility as well as athleticism & ability!! Ella has approx. $5500 NCHA earnings to her name and has produced close to (if not more) than $55,000, so this little guy will have some hoof-prints to follow and a ton of potential and COW SENSE!!

This colt will be offered for sale – please inquire for more details. A deposit will hold until weaning.









"MAGNUM"  (APHA reg pending)

2018 COLT – Bay Splash (one blue eye + one partial blue eye) – born May 25, 2018

SPOOKS DELTA DUDE X MAGNIFICENT STING (grand-daughter Docs Stinger & Montana Doc)

“MAGNUM” is a fancy looking COLT with cow-horse prospect written all over him!!  


Out of proven Cow Horse mare, Magnificent Sting & sired by Spooks Delta Dude, this fellow will be right at home in the cow horse pen & has just enough “splash” to make him unique in the process!! 

Maggie has approx. $25K in cow horse earnings and in her first 2 foals she has proven to pass along her good looks and athletic ability as well as the sweet personality to go along with it.  Magnum is going to look good in the cow horse arena in a few years too!!

This colt will be offered for sale – please inquire for more details. A deposit will hold until weaning.





aka "LACEY"

Sorrel Tovero FILLY – born May 26, 2018


Sired by Spooks Delta Dude out of my awesome daughter of Color Me Smart this filly has HUGE potential ahead of her in the cutting or cow horse arena !! 

I was very excited to find such a nice daughter of the GREAT Color Me Smart himself to add to my broodmare band and her foals have been exactly what I was expecting from her.  Princess was unshown due to an injury but I’m expecting her offspring to make up for that very soon.  Her 2017 colt (her first sired by Spook) is out in AB and will be working towards a cowhorse career and this filly will not be far behind!!   

Because we’re once again short on fillies from Spook, I’ve decided to retain this sweetie for myself – I am really looking forward to seeing what her future has in store!!



more info on my mares, including full pedigrees on my MARE page